Allow College Funding Smart to serve as the map on your family’s road to a brighter future. College Funding Smart provides an enhanced understanding of the dynamics of college funding that helps clients determine what to do, what not to do, and how to appreciate the value of college.

  • Help families find the best school for their student
  • Design a plan with the lowest out of pocket expense
  • Make the family as eligible as possible for aid
  • Recommend strategies for scholarships and grants
  • Complete financial aid forms
  • Negotiate the offers directly with schools
  • Explain and evaluate loan programs
  • Advise the family on the best way to pay for college
Comprehensive 4 Step Process:
  • Step 1: The Consultation- Clarify family goals and uncover opportunities to increase eligibility for aid to finance your child’s education.
  • Step 2: The Snapshot- Create a customized report of college costs and options. Determine which schools provide the best deals for your family and identify strategies to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Step 3: The Plan- Layout the process of how to finance school with the Smart Plan to Fund College. The plan will be a comprehensive strategy providing the lowest possible out of pocket expenses for your family.
  • Step 4: The Action- Take the steps to help you successfully pay for college in a comfortable manner. Students will work with a college counselor and participate in our Smart Start Planning Program that begins with a professional negotiation with the school directly to guarantee the best possible offer.