Take the fear out of paying for college.

College Funding Smart is for parents who are looking ahead. Paying for college can be an overwhelming process. Providing a college education and finding the school that is right for your child is one of the most important and difficult decisions a parent will ever make. You want to treat this goal with the time and planning it deserves. College Funding Smart offers expert guidance to take the fear out of paying for college and help students find the school that is right for them.College Funding Smart personnel create a comprehensive plan to guide you through each step of the complex process and leave you feeling confident that you have done everything you can to ensure your child’s success.

College is expensive: Make it more manageable! College Funding Smart understands the cost of college feels overwhelming. College costs have tripled in the past 20 years and show no signs of slowing down.

College Funding Smart advisers provide peace of mind by developing financial strategies tailored to your family.college-funding-strategies

“I was amazed at the final package the college offered us. Brian’s analysis and recommendations were so thorough, he even showed us how we will cover the cost of college for our younger daughter.”

-Dan D.Joppa, Maryland

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